We’ve celebrated our 10 year anniversary!

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April 12, 2018
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May 31, 2018
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We’ve celebrated our 10 year anniversary!

Phuket Reggae Bar - Roots Rock Reggae, Nanai Road, Patong Beach, Phuket

Phuket Reggae Bar - Roots Rock Reggae, Nanai Road, Patong Beach, PhuketOff the beaten path has been so worth it.


It’s been a long road from our humble beginnings starting out with some funds saved, an over priced lease agreement take over, a few posters on the wall and some handmade leather goods. We had a vision. To provide an authentic Thai reggae bar experience that left you feeling all warm inside. Not just from the crazy amounts of booze served but the atmosphere. An experience not provided by any other reggae bar. Something different, authentic and uniquely Roots Rock Reggae Bar & Shop!

Over the years we’ve grown. We’ve matured and kept our vision strong. We have gone further than a few posters on the wall. We developed a unique style which has defined us. A unique style that goes beyond paint and decoration. The bar is an extension of the Owner, Boy. He has poured his life into creating something awesome! And he did!

Our decor and style has been often imitated by other places in hopes to confuse potential customers. Facades are transparent. People are all about feeling, vibes and authenticity. When you find us, you’ll know! Welcome! We’re off the beaten path!

As some of you may know. We have celebrated our 10 year anniversary On April 24 2018! This is a big milestone for any business, bar or restaurant. We feel much gratitude for the fruits of our labour. The party was so much fun and went late into the hours of the morning. We were joined by people who have been visiting our bar recently, old friends, die hards, as well as a couple from Germany who has been visiting us since 2008! They made a special trip this year to join the celebrations which made us feel so grateful that our little bar is special to more people than just us. The live music kept people grooving as the Rasta Boonterm Band always enhances the good vibes. Good times!

The future is bright and we look forward to entering the unchartered territory of “what happens after the first 10 years?” It’s time for growth, some change and continuing giving our unique and authentic bar experience to all.

There is so much gratitude to everyone who has had unwavering support for us. Thank you to those who recommend us to friends. To those who bring people to chill out and drink. And to those people who choose our place as their hang out. Thank you to new and old customers. It is because of  this factor that we can continue our journey. We thank you!


Roots Rock Reggae Bar & Shop
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