Cannabis in Phuket!

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June 12, 2018
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August 16, 2022
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Cannabis in Phuket!

Cannabis was made legal here in Thailand! Yes, it’s true! Hurray!

Enjoy the medicinal properties of cannabis from the CBD to the THC! Weed or Ganja if you like are readily available around Phuket. There is a lot to choose from. There is the ganja flower to the classic Thai stick weed. It’s all available.

You can enjoy cannabis in drinks, edibles and even in traditional Thai cooking. Weed cookies and ganja brownies are a favourite for many.

Remember to support Thai owned Cannabis businesses here in Phuket.

It is illegal for foreigners to grow and sell any and all Cannabis products.

Enjoy your Cannabis experience here in Phuket Thailand. Come to Patong Phuket and
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