Cannabis Medication. Get your weed on!

Cannabis in Phuket!
August 5, 2022
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Cannabis Medication. Get your weed on!

It’s been exciting around here! We’re getting in new products for you our customers to come in, check out and enjoy today everyday!!

🚫Not for sale to persons under 20 years old

🚫Not for sale to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

We have 16 different kinds of Cannabis available at the moment.
Cannabis products available include:
-Sativa strains
-Indica strains
-Hybrid strains
-Thai Stick strains

We have edibles too! Homemade cannabis cookies and brownies that taste so good!!

We have delivery available inside Phuket.

Our stock and varieties are always influenced by what is popular in the market and what you, our customer prefers.

Not sure what is best for you? What kind of experience you’d like to have?

Sativa strains- often produces a “mind high” giving you an energizing, anxiety-reducing effect. Choosing sativa-dominant strains, can make you feel productive and creative and outgoing. No “body stone”or not overly relaxed and lethargic and lazy.
Best to use during the daytime for good feeling and productivity.

Indica strains- are in demand for its profoundly relaxing and calming effects. It has been known to also help ease nausea, pain and increase one’s appetite.
If you are looking for pain relief, relaxation or a great body stone, Indica is for you!

Hybrid strain- are typically grown in greenhouses from a merger of sativa and indica strains. Many hybrid plants are grown to increase the THC percentage. Each type or strain has its own particular proportion of the two cannabinoids. Some having more THC and others having more CBD attributes.
Hybrids can be used for a wide range of situations from relaxing and therapeutic to productivity of a mind high. Some hybrids can be used for relief of chemotherapy or radiation.

Thai Stick strains- is pure sativa! Giving you all the benefits of a “mind high” and energizing energy which helps calm anxiety. Daytime usage for good feeling and productivity.

Come down and see us today! Let us help you pick out the right cannabis for your needs. remember we have delivery for Phuket only. We can bring it to you.

Have a good Cannabis Day! Enjoy the wonderful medical highlights of Cannabis, weed, ganja.

🚫Not for sale to persons under 20 years old

🚫Not for sale to pregnant or breastfeeding women

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