Reggae Bars in Thailand

Phuket Reggae Bar - Roots Rock Reggae, Nanai Road, Patong Beach, Phuket
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May 22, 2018
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Reggae Bars in Thailand

Whether it’s your first time to Thailand or you are a seasoned traveler to this country, there is one thing you may have noticed everywhere you go……Bob Marley and Reggae Bars.

Often situated on the beaches or amongst the bustle of the night life or perhaps tucked away in a quieter area you will find one! Ah yes, that familiar sound of the off beat, the red, gold and green flags and Bob Marley’s tunes flowing out with that distinct ‘feel good’ atmosphere sought out by many.

Thais love Reggae bars and Bob Marley! Being on the other side of the world, people often wonder why? Simply put, this just means that Bob’s message carried itself here and was embraced and integrated into some of the local culture. Certainly the message of One Love is easily relayed to a person of any faith. Many of the locals who embrace the rastafarian way often do it while mixing it with their own faith. No conversion, just beliefs in both!

Dreadlocked or not, these rasta men and women of Thailand certainly embrace the carefree lifestyle, being good to others as well as trying to bring a happy place to come together for like minded people.

Not all dreads are rasta. Some simply do it for fashion and the ability to use the look to make a negative impact on Reggae. Those who are living the lifestyle know it’s not about the ‘green’. Bob didn’t sell so why turn his image into something negative. Some choose not to dreadlock their mane to show they are pure in heart, not for fashion and green only.

In almost every tourist spot and beach, there is a Reggae bar waiting for happy travelers and locals alike to join in the fun. Most places offer live music, tropical cocktails, bbq parties, the ‘feel good’ atmosphere and a shop full of handmade souvenirs to remember your great experience by.

Roots Rock Reggae Bar & Shop invites you to enjoy our place when traveling through Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

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